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Ikiyama Garden is like this!

Farm direct marche

A selection of products that will satisfy everyone from enthusiasts to beginners!
gardening center



Ikiyama Garden Direct from the Farm
Ikiyama Garden Gardening Center
Ikiyama Forest

Vegetables from nearby farmers, mainly in Kakamigahara, arrive daily. We have a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish.

Our spacious inside and outside sales areas carry a variety of flower seedlings and potted flowers, as well as potting soil and fertilizers that are easy to use even for beginners. Vegetable seedlings, fruit trees, roses, etc. are also displayed depending on the season.

The BBQ that started at Ikiyama Garden has grown and moved!

Medaka sale!

Fish club

Medaka sales

We are selling medaka! We are introducing fish breeders!

Spectacular scenery!

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Ikiyama Garden Recommended

Ikiyama Garden recommended ♬

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